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Opening Day Saturday April 6th

SPRING IS HERE!  Saturday April  6th we will celebrate the arrival of softball and baseball season with our annual Parade and Opening Ceremonies. 

Important details for Saturday:
1) The parade begins at 9:00 a.m. sharp!  Please plan on arriving early, as traffic will become very congested by 8:45.  Our Opening Ceremonies will conclude by 10:30 a.m.

2) Players should wear their uniforms, and coaches will have poster boards to carry as team banners--contest for best design!

3) Players' families are more than welcome to join the parade!

4) PARKING MAY BE DIFFICULT!  Over 650 families participate in Brookline, but fortunately there have been improvements to the  parking lot.  However, here are some logistical tips that you may find useful:
    - Plan on walking to the Skatium rather than driving.
    - The Skatium parking lot my be closed at 8:30 a.m.
    - Alternative parking ideas: Chatham Park Elementary School or the Brookline Blvd Municipal Lot. 
    - If you choose to park on the street, please follow all parking regulations and do not block driveways.

5) Older (age 9-and-up) children may be dropped off in the designated drop-off area in the Skatium Lot.  Please do not drop off unattended younger children.

6) Before the parade, players should assemble with their leagues and teams according to the map.

7) It's important that the kids stay with their teams during the parade, especially the younger ones.

Adding additional family members to Sports Engine Account

Add a second "guardian" to a registered child's SportsEngine account:

1 - Existing account holder who registered the child logs in at

2 - Click initials in small circle in the upper right hand corner of screen

3 - Select "Go to My Account"

4 - Select "Profiles" on the left menu

5 - Click on your child's profile

6 - Click the plus sign in the upper right corner of "Guardians" box

7 - Enter 2nd email address, move the slider(s) to the RIGHT to pick the profiles to connect it to.

8 - Click the green "ADD EMAIL ADDRESS" button

9 - A confirmation email will be sent to the second email address with a link enabling confirmation.

See instructions on the parent portal page.

ATTENTION all Prospective Head and Assistant Coaches.

 We now require all coaches (including assistants) to be registered with your background check documents and child safety training certificates.  NOTE: the training requirement is new for 2019.  No adult is allowed to participate in Brookline practices or games without being registered. Click here for more information on Coach Registration.


Registration is still open in our Farm (age 5-6) and Tee Ball (age 4) leagues, click here to register.  For all other leagues, please email to determine if late registration is possible.

Mission Statement

Brookline Baseball & Softball exists to offer quality youth baseball and softball programs to the children of Haverford Township, Pennsylvania. Brookline offers baseball and softball programs for boys and girls ages 4-12. The league seeks to offer solid, competitive ball for all children regardless of their ability. Some of the rules governing participation are amended to create a greater sense of fairness and inclusiveness for all players without regard to their ability. Brookline Baseball & Softball strives to keep an appropriate perspective so that winning does not become the only goal. Improved play in a supportive environment is the overriding goal.

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