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Fallball practices have begun!

Check with your coaches/SportsEngine for times

Please review, sign, and return the Brookline Safety Guidelines for Fall 2020 to one of your coaches. Click the link below to downlaoad.  Contact any one of our Board members for a printed copy.

We're happy to see you all again!

Field cleanup days are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday,  8/25. Kids should not attend and coaches/parents/families are required to wear masks

Westgate - Prep coaches, assistants, and families

Police fields - Major and Minor coaches, assistants, and families

Thank you all for your continued support of Brookline.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact any of our Board members.

Be kind. We are very excited to be back on the field :-)

The Brookline Baseball and Softball Board

Mission Statement

Brookline Baseball & Softball exists to offer quality youth baseball and softball programs to the children of Haverford Township, Pennsylvania. Brookline offers baseball and softball programs for boys and girls ages 4-12. The league seeks to offer solid, competitive ball for all children regardless of their ability. Some of the rules governing participation are amended to create a greater sense of fairness and inclusiveness for all players without regard to their ability. Brookline Baseball & Softball strives to keep an appropriate perspective so that winning does not become the only goal. Improved play in a supportive environment is the overriding goal.

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