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Bandits Travel Baseball

Brookline is pleased to again offer Travel (Bandits) Baseball for 10-year-old, 11-year-old, and 12-year-old boys—"league age" is determined by each boy's age as of April 30, 2019. Tryouts for the 2019 Bandits season will be held in Jan-Feb of 2019. Team rosters will be announced by mid-February. 12-year-old and 11-year-old teams will be playing 50'/70' format baseball, while the 10-year-old team will use the 46'/60' format. Each Bandits roster will consist of 12-13 players selected at tryouts.

Bandits baseball will be played at a tournament-type level against other teams in the local area. The Bandits season will consist of a 10-game schedule starting in early April and running through the end of May. Most home games will be played on Sundays at 4 or 6pm at Genthert or Police Field C. The Bandits' season will run concurrently with the Brookline in-house schedule, with minimal if any time conflicts.

To be eligible to play, all players selected onto a Bandits team roster must be registered for Brookline baseball's "in house" league for the 2019 season, and Bandits players must participate in at least 75% of their in-house team's games to maintain Bandits eligibility. Due to the time demands, we strongly encourage players who are selected for the Bandits to limit their baseball participation to Brookline and their school/CYO teams only.

If anyone has any further questions, please contact Director of Baseball Operations Jeff Lane or Brookline's President Steve Laughlin.