Brookline Prep Boys Baseball League Rules

Game Rules

  1. Games are 6 innings in length.
  2. Bases will be set to 60 feet.
  3. From the first game of the season until the end of the first weekend of April (4/5/2020): a pitching machine will be used for 4 innings followed by 2 innings of player-pitch during each game.                                                                                                                              April 6th thru April 30: a pitching machine will be used for 3 innings followed by 3 innings of player-pitch during each game.
    May 1 through the end of the season: a pitching machine will be used for 2 innings followed by 4 innings of player-pitch during each game (excluding the all-player-pitch game). A pitching clinic will be offered to all players prior to the season. Only those players who successfully completed the clinic will be permitted to pitch in league games—no exceptions.
  4. When used, the pitching machine is to be set a constant speed of 40 - 45 MPH at a distance of 43 feet. The batting team coach will operate the pitching machine. Once the machine is readied for the game, the setting will not be changed unless it is at the top of the inning and agreed upon by both coaches.
  5. When player-pitch begins, the rubber will be set at 43' (front of the pitching rubber to the back tip of home plate).
  6. The batting team will provide a 1st base coach and a 3rd base coach when their team is up to bat.
  7. Each team must field 10 players, including four outfielders.
  8. Each team must have a minimum of 9 players in the field in order to start a game.
  9. A team must finish a game with a minimum of 9 players, unless a player leaves the game due to injury. In that case a team can finish with 8 players on the field.
  10. A player can play no more than 3 innings on the field at any one position during a game.
  11. Teams continue to bat until they have 3 outs or 5 runs per inning. No limit to the number of runs that can be scored in the last inning for either team.
  12. Six innings is a regular game. Umpire may stop game if he feels it will be too dark to complete a full inning. Four innings will be considered a full game in the event of inclement weather or darkness. (3 ½ innings if the visiting team is losing)
  13. Professional umpires will be used in games which include boy-pitch.  There is a strict time limit of two (2) hours on regular-season games. A new inning cannot start after 1 hour 45 min. At the 2 hour mark play must stop immediately regardless of the game situation, and the score reverts to the score at the end of the last completed inning. Runs scored in the final (incomplete) inning do not count. The coach needs to “hustle” the kids up between innings. Plan your lineups in advance as much as possible.
  14. While the pitching machine is used, the umpires will call outs on the bases, fair and foul balls. When players pitch standard rules are followed for fair and foul balls. The umpires will call unhittable balls (see batting rules).
  15. All rostered players present at the game will be in the batting order. In addition, they must play at least three innings in the field.
  16. There is free substitution of players throughout the game except for pitchers. (see pitcher rules).
  17. The umpire will call time when an infielder has control of the baseball inside the baselines.
  18. A playoff format will take place at the end of the regular season.
  19. During the playoffs, the score and situation of a game will be retained after a rain postponement. When play resumes, the game will pick up exactly where it left off (same score, inning, outs, baserunners, batter, and count). Coaches should make every effort to maintain the same batting order in resumed playoff games.

Batting Rules

  1. All batters must wear a helmet when at the plate and on the bases.
  2. Whenever the ball hits the pitching machine the play is dead. The batter gets a single. Any runners are awarded the base they are running to.
  3. There is no bunting (except during kid-pitch), stealing, or leads. A player may not leave the base until the ball is hit. Players may tag up on a pop fly.
  4. All players will bat in the lineup.
  5. Bats - Please refer to the statement regarding bat rules on the Rules web page.
  6. Machine-Pitch
    1. A batter is out after 3 strikes or 7 pitches. If a batter fouls off the 7th pitch, the batter cannot be ruled out and is still at bat.
    2. Unhittable balls will not be included in the 7-pitch count to a batter. Unhittable balls include a ball that bounces before reaching home plate or a ball pitched over the batter’s head. Any pitches in, or close to, the strike zone will be counted. 
  7.  Player-Pitch
    1. A reasonably expanded strike zone will be called by the umpires. Normal pitch count and batting rules are in effect when a boy is pitching.
  8. Balls and strikes are called by the umpire.

Fielding Rules

  1. 10 players in the field. Outfielders must be at least 15 feet behind the baseline and 2nd base.
  2. A player can play no more than 3 innings on the field at any one position during a game.
  3. Each boy must play a minimum of three (3) innings on defense in a six-inning game. During the regular season, all players must play at least one (1) defensive inning in the infield.
  4. Whenever a thrown ball hits the pitching machine the play is dead. A batter is awarded first base. Each runner is awarded the base they are running to.
  5. Baserunners may advance on overthrows until time is called by the umpire. One (1) base is awarded for a ball/overthrow that goes out of play.
  6. Baserunners advancing to the next base, while the ball is in the process of being controlled by an infielder, may proceed at their own risk and are eligible to be tagged out.
  7. Once a ball is controlled by a player in the infield, the Umpire will determine whether advancing baserunners must return to the previous base(s).
  8. There is no infield fly rule.
  9. Fielding coaches are not permitted in the outfield.

Pitching Rules

  1. One (1) pitch in an inning constitutes an inning pitched.
  2. Once a pitcher is removed as a pitcher from the game, he is not allowed to return as a pitcher in that game.
  3. There are no balks.

 March thru April
  1. One (1) inning per game limit.
  2. 30 pitch per game max
  3. A pitcher is removed as for the duration of the game should he walk 3 batters, hit two batters or walk two and hit one batter.
  4. Pitcher’s Rest - One (1) Calendar day rest required for each inning pitched. If a player pitches one (1) inning, one (1) calendar day rest is required.
 May Through end of regular season and playoffs
  1. Rolling 3 (max three innings in two consecutive games) – No calendar day rest necessary, rolling
  2. Two (2) innings maximum per game
  3. 40 pitch per game max
  4.  A pitcher is removed for the duration of the game should he walk 4 batters in any one (1) inning; hits 2 batters in any one inning, or hits 1 and walks 3 in any one inning.
Ejections - The ejection of a player, coach or manager from any game will result in a minimum 1-game suspension. A second occurrence will result in a 3-game suspension. Any and all ejections will result in a disciplinary board review that may lead to dismissal from the league.