Brookline Rookie Boys Baseball League Rules

A. General Rules

  1. Games are 6 innings in length.
  2. Each team must field a minimum of 8 players.
  3. The score will be kept, however there are no standings and no playoffs.
  4. If the home team is winning in the bottom half of the last inning, the home team manager has the option of batting.
  5. The home team is responsible to setup the equipment before the start of the game, bases, pitching machine, helmets, bats, etc.
  6. The visiting team is responsible to return and secure all equipment to the field storage boxes.
  7. Bases should be set 50 feet apart (outer edge to outer edge).

B. Schedule

  1. The schedule must be followed as published. Coaches are not at liberty to cancel or change scheduled game times without consent of the commissioner.
  2. Team schedules will be posted to the website as they are made available.
  3. Games will have a 2-hour time limit.
  4. Rainouts will be determined by 5:00 pm on game day.

C. Pitching Rules

  1. Pitching machines will be used. The machine will be set at 30-35 MPH and 40 feet for Rookie Boys.
  2. The batting team manager will operate the pitching machine.
  3. Coaches will pitch when the pitching machine is unavailable.

D. Batting Rules

  1. All players must bat.
  2. Teams bat until they have 3 outs or 4 runs.
  3. A batter is out after 7 pitches or a swinging third strike, but an 'at-bat' cannot end on a foul ball.
  4. Whenever the ball hits the pitching machine, the play is dead and the batter gets a single.
  5. There is no bunting, stealing, or leads.

E. Fielding Rules

  1. All players must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field.
  2. No one player can field the same position for more than 3 innings during a game.
  3. 10 players will be in the field. The infielders are: pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, and 3rd base. There will be 4 outfielders.  Outfielders must be at least 15 feet behind the baseline and 2nd base.
  4. Whenever a thrown ball hits the pitching machine the play is dead, and the batter is awarded 1st base. Each runner is awarded 1 base.
  5. On balls hit into the outfield, runners may advance until the ball reaches the infield. On the throw back in, the ball must come across the base paths.  Any runner who has not advanced more than halfway must return to the preceding base.
  6. No advancement on overthrows.
  7. There is no infield fly rule.
  8. Two fielding coaches are permitted in the outfield for the first 7 games of the season. No coaches allowed in the field of play after the 7th game.
  9. The standard rules are followed for fair and foul balls; base coaches will be the umpires in this matter.

F. Equipment

  1. It is mandatory that catchers wear protective cups. All other players are encouraged to wear them.