Brookline Baseball & Softball Leagues

Co-Ed Leagues

Knee-High League (4 years old)
This league introduces Tee-ball in a relaxed way. Because of their age and attention span, these players will meet only once per week in April for one hour on Saturday mornings. The format will be instructional with the players meeting in small groups not defined by a specific team name to work on very basic skills. After a certain skill level has been attained, the players will meet in short "modified" games beginning in May. These players are invited to march in the Opening Day Parade, though the season does not start that day.

T-Ball League (5 years old)
The very basics of the sport are stressed: which base to run to; positions on the field; batting and fielding. The children hit the modified (spongy) ball off the tee. All children receive an equal opportunity to bat and play in the field. Parents are needed to participate and to help create an enjoyable, supportive, instructional, and non-competitive atmosphere.

Farm League (6 years old)
This league builds upon the learning stressed in Tee-ball but a more challenging format is provided as the children are facing "live" pitching from a coach or parent. The pitching is a "soft toss" so the players can develop the skill of hitting a moving ball. Later in the season, the players will be introduced to hitting off the pitching machine to further challenge the players.

Baseball Leagues

Rookie League (7 years old ONLY)
An introduction to team play with emphasis on further skill development. A pitching machine is used to provide more consistent pitching to help the boys develop more confidence in their batting. Fielding skills are also stressed as the ball is put into play more frequently. While competitiveness begins to develop in boys, a learning environment is the goal. This is also a less competitive, learning environment with no standings kept and no playoffs.

Prep League (8 years old ONLY)
The season will begin with the players' hitting off the pitching machine and, by late April, move towards 3 innings off the machine and 3 innings of boy-pitch. To prepare the players for this shift, all players will be invited to attend a 3-session pitching clinic which will begin in March. In order to pitch in the Prep season, players MUST complete the pitching clinic. There will be an initial game during which all clinic attendees will be guaranteed to pitch, subject to league rules. The boy is expected to pitch the ball reasonably near the plate in order to pitch in future games. This league introduces the boys to competitive baseball and there is a single-elimination playoff at season’s end.

Minor League (9-10 years old)
This league introduces the boys to full competitive baseball. Basic rules of baseball are followed with some exceptions. Bases are set 60’ apart and the pitcher’s rubber is 46’ from home plate. Players pitch the entire game and base stealing in introduced. Modifications include: pitchers limited to a maximum of two innings per game and all boys bat in consecutive order throughout the game. Games are six innings long and each player must play in the field for a minimum of three innings. Games are played at the Police Field.

Major League (11-12 years old) NEW FORMAT FOR 2014 SEASON!!!
Starting with the 2014 Season, the Major Boys league is introducing advanced baseball to its in-house program. Major League rules will be used with some modifications. Bases will be set at 70’ and the pitcher’s plate at 50'. Base runners will be permitted to take leads and pitchers will learn to hold them closer by using the “stretch” pitch delivery. The “dropped-third-strike” rule will be added. All players continue to bat in order throughout the game and must play a defensive position for a minimum of three innings. Free substitution is still allowed except for the pitching. Pitchers are subject to a pitch count to avoid the risk of overuse. Games last seven innings. Rosters are limited to maximize each player’s opportunity to play. Games are played at the Police Field.

Bandits Travel Baseball Teams (separate 10-year-old, 11-year-old, & 12-year-old teams)
Brookline is for the second year fielding competitive travel baseball teams with a schedule of games against other teams from Southeast Pennsylvania that will run concurrently with Brookline's regular season. NOTE: New for 2014, a 10-year-old Bandits travel team is being introduced. See our Bandits Baseball webpage for more information.

Softball Leagues

Rookie League (7-8 years old)
For developmental reasons, a pitching machine is used to ensure consistent pitching, but "girl-pitching" is introduced toward the close of the season. This is designed to postpone player-pitching until the girls are better prepared and to help build the girls' confidence in their batting and pitching skills. Windmill pitching clinics will be offered to help us introduce limited girl-pitching in May. Fundamental skills will be stressed in an enjoyable non-competitive environment. Games played at Chatham. All girls receive awards at season's end.

Minor League (9-10 years old)
This league is an introduction to actual competitive softball. Girls begin to pitch the entire 6-inning games. More advanced skills are stressed to create an enjoyable but more competitive experience. Girls bat in consecutive order and play in the field a minimum of three innings. Playoffs are held at the end of the season. Some inter-league play might be arranged. Games are played at the Minor Girls’ “home field” at Chatham Park School. Some games are also played at the Police Field.

Major League (11-12 years old)
This league is designed to introduce the girls to a fully competitive style of play. The regular (Amateur Softball Association of America) rules of softball are used with limited modifications. All girls bat in consecutive order throughout the game. Windmill pitching, base-stealing and sliding skills are stressed to create further learning and greater excitement. Games last seven innings. Brookline teams participate in a league with teams from both Hilltop and Westgate. Home games are played at the Police "A" Field.

Girls DelVal Travel Teams (10-U; 12-U)
Brookline offers competitive travel softball teams, Blazers Softball, with schedules of games against teams from around Delaware County that run concurrently with Brookline's regular season. Girls must be registered to play in-house softball for Brookline to be eligible for the Blazers, and tryouts (in March) are mandatory. See our Blazers Softball webpage for more information.