HEY, COACH! (including Assistants who are prospective 2015 Head Coaches)
Please download the 2015 Letter of Intent and submit it to your League Commissioner.

Game Results

Orioles def Giants

Phillies def A's
Glory def Racers
Brakettes def Heat
Orioles def Giants


Weather Related Information

Note: All information on game status during inclement weather is available through our e-mail/text service rainedout.com. If you are not currently registered (it's free!), please do so at rainedout.com.

Brookline Baseball & Softball is accepting nominations for two open Board Positions for the 2015 season. Please contact Director of Baseball Operations Seth Kuliszewski or Brookline President Mike Gentile for more information.


Congrats to the Brakettes, 2014 Minor Girls Champions!Minor Girls Champs

Congrats to the Cubs, 2014 Prep Boys Champions!Prep Boys Champs

Congrats to the Orioles, 2014 Minor Boys Champions!Minor Boys Champs


Congrats to the Phillies,
2014 Major Boys
Champions!Major Boys Champs

Congrats to the Glory,
2014 Major Girls
Champions! Major Girls Champs

Bat Rule

Brookline Softball and Baseball will continue to require the use of specific, approved bats for the safety of all players. Baseball leagues will follow Little League guidelines. You can view approved bats here - Little League Approved Bats. Softball leagues will follow ASA fast-pitch guidelines. You can view approved bats here - ASA Approved Bats.

If you have questions regarding bats, please consult your coach or league commissioner. Your compliance with this rule is greatly appreciated!